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Tablet Hotels

Tablet Hotels

Travel Tips - Posted July 27, 2012

East Hampton - Bus vs. Seaplane 


Thank you @caseyneistat



Summer Guide - Posted July 25, 2012

Its hot. Really hot. Lets cool off. East Hampton here we come. Surfs up dude!



The Lens - Posted July 20, 2012

Tel Aviv Scenes

Coffee for 3. Penthouse apartment. Beachside breakfast. Ray of light.


Inspiration - Posted July 17, 2012



Find Me! - Posted July 12, 2012


Email your answers, along with your name to


The Lens - Posted July 7, 2012

The Lens is a new weekly photo series capturing the events and activities lived out by the team at #nyc2la. From rare views and insider spaces to an exclusive look at extraordinary people, things and places. The Lens is a quick snapshot into the #nyc2la lifestyle and your ticket behind the scenes...Say cheese!



First up, A truly 'green' building, Madison Sq. Park art, Southampton Beach, A sun drenched penthouse.


Travel More - Posted July 3, 2012



Tel Aviv Guide - Posted July 2, 2012

Tel Aviv

Look no further. For fun in the sun & the sea, follow this guide and you'll make it just fine.


Tel Aviv - Posted July 1, 2012


To some, Israel may seems light years away. To others, a short 10 hour plane ride takes you to a desert oasis fueled by surf, sun and booze. 

This small yet powerful country has gotten its fair share of media attention, yet what you don't hear or see is how incredible it really is. A true promise land nothing short of spectacular with golden beaches, turqouise waters and a incredible mix of people and places.

We made our way far east (the Middle East to be exact) to what we thought would be a relaxing wedding weekend in Tel Aviv, but, what we got was a week of revelry with old friends, new friends, mid day beach parties, lavish dinners and a lot of late night debauchery.

If you had any thoughts on what this little city had to offer, multiply it by 100...then double it!


We spent our days in the sun and our nights at the bars. Ate at restaurants that rivaled New York and Paris, and even had time to soak in the salt water pools of the King David Hotel. You want picturesque streets...check. Tall and tanned beautiful girls...double check! An after hours scene that can only be imagined in the movies...check, check check!!! 

From rooftop hoping, seaside breakfast, cafes spilling on to the sidewalks and mind blowing sunsets, it was hard to leave behind what we've always loved - A good time. 

So until next time...Shalom from the land of milk and honey!