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Tablet Hotels

Tablet Hotels

New York City - Posted May 18, 2011


 If you know New York, you know Union Square, the center of it all. The point where uptown becomes downtown, where a farmers market and skate boarders coincide on the weekends and the crossroads where you've spent countless hours waiting for a late night taxi!

But, if you are a true New Yorker, you will remember the days of Luna Cafe, the small watering hole nestled inside the striking pavilion that sits at the top of the park and since its shuttering many years ago, speculations have swirled as to what new establishment would grace us with its presence...

So, without further ado, here is the next chapter in great New York history...


 Please welcome, City Farm Cafe

Don PitaBona of famed Tribeca Grill, will be the Chef.

O-V Hospitality Group will be running the show.

City Farm Cafe is slated to open Spring 2013


Upper East Side - Posted May 10, 2011


The Brompton, a new 22-story luxury condominium located in New York City’s most established residential neighborhood the Upper East Side, is making it hard to keep up the Jones, Jeffersons Kardashians.

Blending the best of timeless and contemporary styles, the Brompton embraces an enduring and valued lifestyle that is simply perfect. Named after the ritzy district of Knightbridge, London, the Brompton adds a royal appeal to the already snooty zip code. Clean lines, herringbone floors, gourmet kitchens and lavish amenities, this is one of the most sought after properties in Manhattan.

Here is a rare look into one of its most prized units...The Penthouse

To set up a private showing, please contact our real estate advisors.


Finally! - Posted May 4, 2011


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A simple taste. Captured at The Four Seasons Firenze, Italia