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Tablet Hotels

Tablet Hotels

Speak easy - Posted January 16, 2014

The New Speakeasy 



Can you keep a secret...

We've been calling into work a little later than usual thanks to the over the top antics taking place high above the city. Giving new meaning to the 'rooftop bar' scene, abandoned water towers throughout the city have become the newest speakeasy destination for those in the know. 

The secret location was one thing, but getting in was another... 

After taking a manual elevator ride to the top of a warehouse, make your way up 2 flights of stairs to the roof. Once outside, look for a lighted ladder with a glowing lantern - that's a sign that you've almost reached your destination. Up a few rungs, push your way though to the water tower above. Once inside, the rest is history!

Theres not much more to say. The pictures below tell their own story. So, until next time...Grab a flashlight and keep climbing!



A View From The Top! - Posted January 9, 2014




If theres anything we love, its a good view! Whether it be a cool city skyline, sweet sunset sweep or open ocean vista, we cant get enough.



So naturally when we heard the superscraper at 432 PARK AVENUE (now taking shape) would be the tallest building in Manhattan -and in the western hemisphere, we flipped at the thought of those mind blowing views.



Unfortunately, we'll have to wait till its completion in 2015 to see the final product, but luckily the creatives at 432PARK just launched an uber interactive website thats full of fun tidbits, teasers and totally awesome renderings. Our favorite part - the view finder - a 360 degree outlook from your apartment of choice!


Click below and choose your favorite. We're staying conservative with a 70th floor pick 1007ft up! 

Pricing starts at $20,000,000. For more information, please contact one of our brokers.


Happy New Year! - Posted January 1, 2014