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Tablet Hotels

Tablet Hotels

Destination LA - Posted August 31, 2012


Nestled high in the hills, among luscious plants of eucalyptus and white tea, a hidden doorway to bungalow no. 3. With a soft tap against the door, an intriguing world reveals itself. Enter a fantasyland of seduction and scandal only found in your most untamed dreams. The smell of whiskey, sex and excess greet you, as sparked joints and lingering smokes soothe you. Tanned skinny bodies writhing around to the sounds of the gypsy guitar press up on you. Every face tells an incredible tale of wonder, mystery and mystique. This is where the wild things are. The cool kids. The ‘in’ crowd. Where characters come to life and the show never ends. In here, you can get away with anything. A smile sells it and the wink of an eye tells it. Everyone knows your name, yet no one knows who you really are.


The Lens - Posted August 22, 2012

A peek onto the Soho House. A West Village home and its recording studio. An imported candy shoppe

@Sohohouse @SockerBitNYC


BKLYN - Posted August 17, 2012



Brooklyn - Posted August 16, 2012


Williamsburg is on fire! but don't worry, everyones safe!

Brooklyn in its most recent years has seen a heat wave of sorts. With its close proximity to Manhattan, sky rocketing real estate at unheard of pricing, prime underdeveloped spaces, and an all new, all-star basketball team, it has become a hipster hideaway far from the days when orthodox Jews ruled the streets.

The neighborhood which sits at the waterfront of the East River (overlooking the Manhattan skyline) is now home to some of the most unique and desirable properties in the country. With big names racing over the bridge to secure restaurant spaces, real estate opportunities and nightlife destinations, its no wonder why Williamsburg is so very hot!

Our newest guide highlights the best of BK. From the newest hotel hotspot to a mind blowing java pick me up, we've jam packed this special edition to keep you busy. So go explore Brooklyn - it may surprise you...


The Lens - Posted August 2, 2012

Sky views from Brooklyn and the Upper East Side. Street views from Tribeca & Soho